We Are Entering A New Era – A New Internet

We Are Entering A New Era – A New Internet

Success And Prosperity Is “Available” For Those Who Are Focused..!

You may have or, may not have benefited from the exciting wave of the Cryptocurrency explosion. You know, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

After You Have Join Markethive
So, you clicked the button, entered your data and presto, success and wealth is now pouring down upon you non-stop..! That would be nice but, exactly how would that work? If just pushing or clicking a button would make us all successful, we would all long ago been setting back and sipping our favorite drinks while watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise daily. We do understand that this possibility is just folly in the world we live in today and that we need to do more than just click a button. But, back to reality, succeeding and prospering in an era of new ideas and technology requires determination and constant efforts. Taking the time to complete the required du-diligence is most critical to get as much details and facts about an opportunity as possible.

Follow up is critical
Now that you have taken the steps to become a member of Markethive, there are three important suggestions I will make:

1.) Click and watch the videos that is seen centered on your screen or click the little waving bee in the bottom right corner or on “Home page”click the Tutorials on the menu to the left.

2.) Join the support group by clicking the Support tab in the upper right corner ( it’s on Telegram ). There you can follow issues that are being resolved and answered as Markethive moves forward.  And,

3.) Attend the weekly Webinars ( held on Sundays, sometime Saturdays ). Click on the Calendar tab at the top of page to get accustom with how it works.

Attend the Markethive Weekly Webinars
The weekly webinars are for those members that are focused and see this new era of Blockchain and Encryption technology, as possibly a “Once in a Lifetime Event and Opportunity”.  You get the latest from the Founders on  the “State of Markethive’s” technology implementations, Market statistics ( comparative studies & growth ), Markethive profit sharing opportunities,  events that Markethive will be attending, notes on legal issues, how you can use Markethive to boost your existing business or passions and so much more. Join us..!! There you will get the details you need to succeed and prosper in this new era of Blockchain and Encryption technology.  And, this New Era….. is just getting started. Why not get a front-row seat and details of how it works. Attend the Webinars.  ( “Knowledge Is Wealth”: George Gilder )

How To Join The Sunday & Saturday Webinars ( see images below )

Markethive Menu Bar

(Click Calendar).

*Markethive Calendar Event Dates

(Click The Correct Day).

*Markethive Events Schedule 

(Click Join Us In The Room)

(And, don’t forget the time above is in the United States, Mountain time zone. Adjust for your area of the world)

If you are not currently a member of Markethive, click the image below. A cell phone number is required to activate your account.

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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