It’s Time To Focus On Rebuilding Our Cities

The Information that follows is only offered as a starting point that will no doubt be among many options for rebuilding our cities. vd

THE NATURAL LAW PARTY supports a comprehensive, cost-effective plan to revitalize our inner cities. Our plan includes proven programs for education; job, technical, and management training; crime prevention; drug rehabilitation; urban revitalization; social welfare; economic development; and the development of a stronger sense of community. To guarantee the plan’s success, we would supplement all these programs with scientifically validated technologies to reduce social stress and unfold the full creative potential of people of all ages.

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America’s decaying urban centers are monuments to decades of flawed public policies. Billions of dollars are wasted on programs that fail to revitalize our cities because they do not go to the root of the problem. They fail to unlock the inner creative genius of the people, and they fail to reduce the alarming rise of stress in society, which is at the basis of the widespread epidemic of crime, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and disease. For example, a recent report from the U.S. Justice Department noted that 81% of weapons arrests take place in cities, and that teenagers accounted for 23% of these arrests. University of Cincinnati criminologist Frank Cullen commented in USA Today that this trend relates “to an absence of family and social structure to support them. Together, that’s a lethal combination.”

Without addressing the root causes of stress at the basis of urban decay and unrest, all other efforts for economic recovery and urban renewal are destined to fail.

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The Natural Law Party offers something new — something that has been shown by scientific evidence to actually work. This approach involves two steps: (1) reduction of built-up social stress, followed by (2) implementation of practical programs to improve community life and solve costly social problems.

To reduce stress, the Natural Law Party supports the establishment of coherence-creating groups practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program. Extensive research, published in leading scientific journals, has found that when a small proportion of a population collectively practices this program there is a significant reduction in negative tendencies, such as crime, violence, sickness, and accidents, and a strengthening of positive social and economic trends in the population as a whole. Such programs will prevent the accumulation of stress and frustration that has erupted as violence in cities across the nation. In the more harmonious atmosphere generated by these programs, a deeper and more integrated sense of community will emerge as the best security against inner city crime and decay.

After reducing social stress and creating a more coherent social atmosphere, the Natural Law Party will introduce practical solutions to costly social problems and specific programs to promote progress in every city. We will use federally guaranteed loans and targeted capital-gains tax breaks to stimulate capital investment for start-up industries in urban “enterprise zones.” We will rebuild urban infrastructure and promote community planning that includes ample parks and green spaces and the construction of homes and buildings that are human friendly, nontoxic, and in harmony with natural law. In addition:

  • To improve public health and curb rising health care costs, the Natural Law Party would support prevention-oriented health education and natural medicines that have been shown scientifically to prevent disease, promote health, and cut health care costs in half (see our Health section).
  • To boost the economy, the Natural Law Party would propose significantly lower taxes, made possible through its cost-effective solutions to social problems; effective vocational and management training programs; and simplified governmental administration for reduced government waste (see our Economy section).
  • To improve education, the Natural Law Party would support programs that develop the inner creative genius of all students, along with the ability to conduct their lives in accord with natural law. Only education that is perceived as directly relevant to the student’s own life — education that unfolds full mental potential and the ability to fulfill desires in harmony with natural law — can prevent drop-outs, who become the primary targets of inner city crime and drug abuse (see our Education section).
  • To improve public safety, the Natural Law Party would support proven, cost-effective programs that have been shown to rehabilitate criminal offenders; prevention programs that target at-risk youth before they become involved in crime; effective programs to prevent and cure alcohol and drug abuse; and a permanent coherence-creating group to reduce stress and create a more harmonious social atmosphere throughout the city (see our Crime and Rehabilitation section).
  • To rebuild the inner city, the Natural Law Party would help plan urban infrastructure and housing that improve health, reduce crime, and restore a sense of community. The Natural Law Party would promote the development of nonpolluting automobiles and public transportation, human-scale housing that discourages crime and supports neighborhoods in which families can grow and prosper, and the development of more parks and green spaces (see our Energy and Environment section).

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Trump’s New Deal for Black America
With A Plan for Urban Renewal

OCTOBER 26, 2016 

Nobody needs to tell African-Americans in this country that the old new deal from the Democratic Party isn’t working for them. In election after election, Democratic party leaders take African-American voters for granted and year after year the condition of Black America gets worse. The conditions in our inner cities today are unacceptable. Too many African-Americans have been left behind.

African-Americans need a new deal from their next president. Donald Trump is proposing just that. The following are ten promises announced by Donald Trump on October 26, 2016 in Charlotte, NC that will define a new deal for Black America:

1. Great Education Through School Choice. We will allow every disadvantaged child in America to attend the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. School choice is the great civil rights issue of our time, and Donald Trump will be the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice in all 50 states. We will also ensure funding for Historic Black Colleges and Universities, more affordable 2 and 4-year college, and support for trade and vocational education.

2. Safe Communities. We will make our communities safe again. Every poor African-American child must be able to walk down the street in peace. Safety is a civil right. We will invest in training and funding both local and federal law enforcement operations to remove the gang members, drug dealers, and criminal cartels from our neighborhoods. The reduction of crime is not merely a goal – but a necessity.

3. Equal Justice Under the Law. We will apply the law fairly, equally and without prejudice. There will be only one set of rules – not a two-tiered system of justice. Equal justice also means the same rules for Wall Street.

4. Tax Reforms to Create Jobs and Lift up People and Communities. We will lower the business tax from 35 percent to 15 percent and bring thousands of new companies to our shores. We will also have a massive middle class tax cut, tax-free childcare savings accounts, and childcare tax deductions and credits. We will also have tax holidays for inner-city investment, and new tax incentives to get foreign companies to relocate in blighted American neighborhoods. We will empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities in order to initiate the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties, and the increased presence of law enforcement.

5. Financial Reforms to Expand Credit to Support New Job Creation. We will have financial reforms to make it easier for young African-Americans to get credit to pursue their dreams in business and create jobs in their communities. Dodd-Frank has been a disaster, making it harder for small businesses to get the credit they need. The policies of the Clintons brought us the financial recession – through lifting Glass-Steagall, pushing subprime lending, and blocking reforms to Fannie and Freddie. It’s time for a 21stcentury Glass Steagall and, as part of that, a priority on helping African-American businesses get the credit they need. We will also encourage small-business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgive-able micro-loans.

6. Trade That Works for American Workers. We will stop the massive, chronic trade deficits that have emptied out our jobs. We won’t let our jobs be stolen from us anymore. We will stop the offshoring of companies to low-wage countries and raise wages at home – meaning rent and bills become instantly more affordable. We will tell executives that if they move their factories to Mexico or other countries, we will put a 35% tax on their product before they ship it back into the United States.

7. Protection from Illegal Immigration. We will restore the civil rights of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and all Americans, by ending illegal immigration. No group has been more economically-harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers. Hillary’s pledge to enact “open borders,” – made in secret to a foreign bank – would destroy the African-American middle class. We will reform visa rules to give American workers preference for jobs, and we will suspend reckless refugee admissions from terror-prone regions that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. We will use a portion of the money saved by enforcing our laws, and suspending refugees, to re-invested in our inner cities.

8. New Infrastructure Investment. We will leverage public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years, of which the inner cities will be a major beneficiary. We will cancel all wasteful climate change spending from Obama-Clinton, including all global warming payments to the United Nations. This will save $100 billion over 8 years. We will use these to help rebuild the vital infrastructure, including water systems, in America’s inner cities.

9. Protect the African-American Church. We will protect religious liberty, promote strong families, and support the African-American church.

10. America First Foreign Policy. We will stop trying to build Democracies overseas, wasting trillions, but focus on defeating terrorists and putting America First

Venable Dance, Entrepreneur

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