How To Invest In The Blockchain Industry

How To Invest In The Blockchain  Industry 

( Disclaimer: This is not investment advice but, a presentation on the changes in internet technology and the options available. Do your own research ).

Smart Investors Do Their Due Diligence

Some of us have already learnt how investing in new leading edge industries, can provide incredible returns. We are not talking about everyday opportunities. What we are talking about here, is the once in a decade opportunity.

The Once In A life Time Investment Is A Life Changer.

We can agree that technology has always been the engine that has  advance civilization and has allowed mankind to live and thrive on so many levels. From gold and other precious metals, to notes of deposit, to fiat currencies, to credit cards and now, to encrypted digital currencies. The age of information, Data management and value exchanges are primed to make another huge step into the future. This new world of decentralization, blockchain and encryption is here, right now and growing sure and steady. I will not bore you with the what if’s, but rest assured that what is being called Web 3.0 is going to be a game changer for all, but, life changing for many.

 ( Video: The Future Of Crypto Currency, Published on Dec 18, 2014)

Web 3.0 And How The Blockchain Can Change Your Life

Those of us that are aware and do participate in investment opportunities on a regular basis, will want to have a look at what maybe the “next great investment”. And, you may also ask who and what companies are on the leading edge of providing a system or better yet, an ecosystem that will allow individuals and companies to thrive and prosper. There are issues.

A major issue today, in the age of Big Data, Marketing and Social Media is the concern that many Silicon Valley organizations are gaining greater and greater control of individual and company privacy and security, this is no longer just an irritation in our daily lives but, a total invasion into what was once elements that we and companies controlled through individual initiative, public announcements or company disclosures. This is not the case today. More and more of your information whether it’s private and personal or business and proprietary is being controlled by others across every spectrum of our lives. If you post it, email it, comment about it, make a purchase, store it on a cloud or server not local, your data is subject to, censorship, manipulation and banning or sale to other organization without your permission. Literally, you do not control your data today, and less and less in to the future. But, the Blockchain can change your life for the better.

Getting Your Privacy, Security And Assets Back Under Your Control

What Web 3.0, ( Blockchain and encryption technology) is offering, is to give control of privacy and security back to the individual and the entrepreneur. And, that’s not all, this leading edge technology is an alternative method of personal communications and monetary exchange for products, services or assets. Blockchain technology insures the immutability of your data.

The first usable crypto coin we knew, was Bitcoin. And, that leads to the question; how many of these alternate coins or tokens actually represent real value, assets, that are operational and can be used by an unlimited  number of individuals or companies as an indispensable part ( applications, tools and services ) in their daily lives ?

Bitcoin Obviously Has Value But, Is Subject To Speculation

What a surprise, Bitcoin was to many individuals, a White paper and a Digital coin that had overcome the double-spend problem of internet money. Yes, it was originally offered to the market place at less than 0.01USD. And, those who invested because they understood the technology and those that speculated on it’s potential made out very handsomely.

The key to Bitcoins success was made possible by the Blockchain and encryption technology. So, what else was the blockchain and encryption technology good for? We know now that Vitalik Buterin and a number of other individual co-operated to create Ethereum but, this was not just a coin, it was also a platform for designing a whole host of decentralized digital applications from smart contracts, secure ( encrypted data files, wallets, property and asset records that resist tampering/alteration and this is just a scratch on the surface of possibilities ) applications. Bitcoin was the first operational cryptocurrency.

Today There Are Somewhere in the Neighborhood Of 1600 Cryptocurrencies.

Many of these currencies have raise millions of dollars even more, base on their white papers that detailed plans to build or complete an operating business system that would bring great financial returns to their investors. Of course that promise was kept by some but, many more of these startups that have received a lot of cash, have yet to deliver.

A number of companies that received investment ( cash ) have not fulfilled the promise of their white paper ( business plan ). This has created a problem for those current businesses that are looking for capital and are sincere and capable of fulfilling the goals outlined in their business plan. And there are others, such as entrepreneurs and companies in the new and leading edge Business and Social Ecosystem ( built on Blockchain and Encryption technology ) like this company I will introduce you to shortly is operational now. With associate members in the 20,000 range and growing at approximately 30 to 40% each month.

Restoring Investor Confidence.

Because IPOs ( initial public offerings ), ICOs ( initial coin offerings ) and IEOs ( Initial exchange offerings ) have lost their charm as fund raising tools, investors hesitate to use these tools ( that do not offer a return of their initial investment ), even when the opportunity could be highly profitable. Because of this, many of the new  Blockchain/Encryption companies now have their business fundamentals ( financials ) in place and, they are operational with great traction that is increasing daily. Thus, insuring their viability and success. The ILP is restoring Investor confidence.

What Is An ILP?

An ILP is a Incentivized Loan Program. It is a debt instrument ( a note ), that is subject to repayment. It’s a Loan.

You Can Benefit From The Growth Of The Blockchain

When a gift and blessing is given to you, it is imperative that you act upon it. With over 20 years of Professional Advertising, Social and Market Networking, Computer Programming and as much dedicated determination, CEO Thomas Prendergast has created an Ecosystem that uses the latest in Blockchain and encryption technology. This gives you back your privacy, security and control of your assets, creating a new dynamic of Trust on the internet. With this Ecosystem, you can decide who should, or who should not have access to your data. Or, if you decide, you can delete your data completely, all of it, forever. But, most important, you have the tools and applications to achieve success, whatever your goals maybe.

For Those Who Understand That There are Great Opportunities That Only Come Once In A Decade Or Even A Lifetime.

This once in a decade opportunity provides the tools and applications that allows any Marketing or Social Networker to excel to their individual goals whether personal or commerce motivated. Even just as important is that, we now have an excellent opportunity to share in the Profits that will be generated by companies that are in the lead, giving individuals and entrepreneurs back their Privacy & Security on a social and market driven platform.

Here’s How You Can Claim Your Position and Share In The Success Of The Highly lucrative Blockchain Industry. 

The following system is free to join and right from the start you can start building an online income with no obligations. But, this is a presentation directed to investors who would like to sharing in the 20% of company earnings. The range of the ILP loan varies from 100USD to 25000USD or more if that’s your cup of tea.

Below is  audio of the CEO Thomas Prendergast and CTO Douglas Yates of discussing the status of “Markethive and investment options:

The Entrepreneur Program is a limited time offer for 1000 members or less before the companies’ worldwide launch. Get a free account ( and activate it with your cell phone number ), and see how you can profit in the growth and prosperity of Web 3.0 and the Blockchain industry. Click the image below. You also get 500 airdrop coins now free: “Right timing, right technology, the best leaders. Don’t miss this.

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Article by Venable Dance, Entrepreneur

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