Gold & Cryptocurrency On One Account.

Gold & Cryptocurrency On One Account.

How often have you read articles that compare the benefits of Gold vs Cryptocurrencies as an asset, store of value and medium of exchange. Experts from all sides list a vault full of benefits that should be considered and specific reasons why. What should be your choice, precious metals or cryptocurrencies?

Crypto coins overlayed fine gold bars

The Past And Future Merges

Factors to consider:
First, gold has been trusted for centuries, virtually indestructible, a medium of exchange, a store of value, physically transportable in small amounts and of course most of the world know what it is.

Second, cryptocurrencies, are electronic/digital creations made possible by encryption and the blockchain on the World Wide Web ( WWW ), considered the medium of exchange and store of value for the future of institutions and individual accounts of every kind, world trade activities, a faster and more efficient means of exchange between institutions and individuals, decentralized and transparent, no third party approval required, all transactions are immutable, and trusted.

** Is it really necessary to make a choice between the two, the past and the future ( Gold vs Cryptocurrencies )?

Nothing Stays The Same

Choices made based on utility and benefits are some of life’s necessities, even passive acceptance is a choice. Whether it is from barter, based on an estimated and established value, gold & silver, based on deman and comparative value, fiat currencies, based on an established or market value, credit cards, based on the value of an electronic ( digital ) account, or a cryptocurrency, based on an established values determined by created purpose, consumer and institutional demand. And, it does not take high level analytics to know that all “value assets and mediums of exchange” go through a stage of acceptance, some gradual and others, seemly over night.

A Change Is Coming, No, It’s Already Here

Despite naysayers and deniers in financial institutions from the crypt, there is a basket full of cryptocurrencies that have gain worldwide acceptance, with usage growing daily. The question relative to the growth and demand for cryptocurrency is of course, why..?

Does Fast, Convenient, Transparent, Immutable and Decentralize Interest You..?

Well, then, Trust and the elimination of third party approval should tickle your toes. We can all agree, that the world and how we as humans interact as individuals and or with institutions continue to change. Under most circumstances changes are gradual but, then there are products of technology that often initiate change that has tremendous interruption to the daily status quo, yet provide great benefits for individual and institutional interactions ( eg. the internet vs the telephone & regular mail – credit cards vs cash & check writing – electronic ( internet ) banking vs paper statements – cryptocurrencies vs institutional banking’s store(s) of value and payment systems.

The demand for cryptocurrency is a natural and necessary requirement for a world that is growing closer as more and more people are developing instant contact ( relationships ) that are only, made possible by the growth and expansion of the internet and an ever increasing worldwide demand for P2P e-commerce in addition to the standard commercial business and consumer interactions.

In previous times, it was almost an unquestioned requirement to have an intermediary; such as the postal service and telephone services, business agents/representatives and, financial and banking intermediaries ( third parties ).

Because the growth of the internet has made nearly every individual interaction ( personally or economically ) nearly instantaneous as it continues to spread globally, a system of payment and store of value that functions nearly instantaneous and can grow as needed is a must, otherwise, how do you keep pace with the way the world interacts as it moves forward. Stay on top and profit from the change.

The Cryptocurrency And Gold Connection

There are those individuals and institutions that feel, and even demand that cryptocurrencies be regulated by government entities and complete access to individual personal and business operating data files be recorded and monitored by corporate and financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements. Some level of regulation, may be needed but, the question would resolve to how much regulation and for what purpose. Is there an inherent regulatory element when combining gold, and cryptocurrencies?

Living In The Golden Past And The Encrypted Future Is Now A Reality 

With all that has been said, we now come back to the point of making a decision regarding gold and cryptocurrency. I would like to offer to you, an option that does not require you to choose one over the other.

Whether you are a gold enthusiast or a cryptocurrency maximalist, the blockchain offers an option that allows you to benefit from both.

The following link will provide additional information, and how you may benefit, should you choose to hedge your future and investment options in what presents itself as a solid and profitable choice for decades to come.

By Venable Dance, Entrepreneur & Marketer

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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