A Proven Million $ Plan – Is Your Blueprint to Success

The Key to Business success
Is having a plan that you are committed to, and are willing to weather the storms of long hours, the criticisms of those who do not have the understanding or motivation that keeps you always moving forward. 

There maybe frequent financial loss and the need to readjust or make revisions in concepts, design, targeted audience or financial priorities when needed.

These elements can be some of the obstacles on the path to success, that entrepreneurs face, yet the true entrepreneur understand that these and many more obstacles or difficulties must be overcome.  

Lessons Learned
Each obstacle an entrepreneur masters or overcomes is a lesson learned, and he or she become that much better because of it. 

But, going through every problem or obstacle alone can be extremely time consuming and frustrating no matter how much fortitude an individual my have.

There Is Better And Faster Way
So, when it is possible to learn how to resolve a problem that other entrepreneurs have conquered, that is a gift that should not be  overlooked, and it is the wise man or woman who turns an ear to listen. 

A plan that is based on 15 years of marketing  ( massive traffic generation and conversion to leads, then sales ) success. And, yes there were failure and disappointments in the beginning. But, remember, those were lessons learned, and mastered, that led to today’s $2,000,000 platform for generating massive traffic and converting that  traffic to leads and repeated sales. 

A step by step Blueprint, that shows how you can successfully Master Traffic generation and conversion, can be downloaded for Free.

By Venable Dance
Entrepreneur at Markethive

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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Where does Markethive fit in..

Where does Markethive fit in..
Modern Day Ark
Is Markethive the “ark” literally for a new beginning? A platform that will carry us into “a brave new world” ( the 4th Industrial Revolution ) of relationships, communications and exchange of assets, then creating a new expansion of productive and highly flexible individuals and groups that have the necessary tools for work at home entrepreneurs. The practice of social distancing is forcing a need for a kind of digital business center(s) that have build-in scalability and versatility.

What Will Really Make A Difference
The coronavirus crisis has initiated a sobering realization that our social interactions and business relationships has to change worldwide. Because, recovery and surviving into the future in a compassionate beneficial way has to have a solid foundation, compassion, ingenuity and dedication.

Markethive - Man Woman coins and dollar falling:  subtitle- faucets, air drops, profits.

Always Moving Forward
Thomas Prendergast ( CEO ) of Markethive, has been building the Markethive foundation and the platform itself for over 20 years, an /Inbound Market Network/ that uses the cutting edge technologies of encryption ( the Blockchain ), Distributed ledger technology ( DLT) and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ).

Providing What Is Needed and More
Markethive is highly internet enabled and in Beta, at a stage often called the “accumulation stage” and providing some very potentially lucrative options referred to as loyalty programs and Incentivized Loan Program ( ILP ).

Markethive was created to help those who are looking for ” and want to survive this current coronavirus crisis and coming 4th Industral Revolution, safe and prospering. Working from home for many is fast becoming a necessity, not a distant option. To quote Robert Kawasaki, “small is bigger”. You’er home may not be a large corporate building but, it can help you survive and prosper handsomely.

Getting Started
Learning how to use and benefit from the “ark” is the first step to take. You can join Markethive for free and begin mastering a platform with the tools that can help you have a successful and profitable future, in a brave new world.

And Opportunity Not To Be Missed
Always with a new beginning, there are gifts that are bestowed upon the wise and diligent that can or will define one’s future in very profound ways. And, in this “Brave New World” that is before us, Markethive is offering all members the option to participate in one of it’s profits centers, called the “Entrepreneur One program”. This program will include many “money machines”, the first is called the “Banner Impression Exchange” ( BIX ). To be a part of this one of a kind opportunity, you must select under “Main Menu” > Loyalty Programs. There are only 500 Entrepreneur One positions available but, once the Banner Impression Exchange is launched, the cost to join will double. So, where does Markethive fit in? Well it fits perfectly into the lives of anyone that seeks to succeed and prosper working at home or anywhere. Things are changing drasticly and Markethive is here for you at every step of the way. God Bless.

If you have not already, watch the attached video above featuring a short talk on the state of  Markethive by CEO Thomas Prendergast:

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Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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How to Make Millions In the Next Market Crash

Robert Kiyosaki has a sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk the economy, the coming market crash and how to prepare for it. Order Who Stole My Pension.

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Markethive CEO Explain Profit Sharing Opportunities

Get up to 500 MHV coin when you join Markethive. It’s free to join, Click Here.

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ILP projection and explanation

Markethive has a lot to offer
“Markethive Offers A Unique And Leading Edge Marketing And Social Networking Platform For The Entrepreneur On The Blockchain – A Ground Floor Opportunity For The Savvy Investor”, Ven Dance

ILP projection and explanation

Many of you have heard of ICOs in regards to upcoming block chain spaces (organizations or businesses as you may call it). It means Initial Coin Offering, and can be compared to an IPO (what a new publically held corporation launched to raise money aka: Initial Publically Offering) both of these are based on risk investment based on speculation of greater growth and trade value.

This is why the SEC came down hard on ICOs, because they are almost identical to an IPO. That being a risk based investment based on speculative assumptions. These assumptions can easily be skewed with false projections and manipulated stock trading, hence, the SEC regulating the industry to prevent the fraud and misdirection and hype.

OK, enough about that. So Markethive founders originated a debt based instrument option, like a convertible note as defined here:

A convertible note is a type of short-term debt financing used in early-stage capital raises. In simplest terms, convertible notes are loans to early-stage start-up’s from investors who are expecting to be paid back when their note comes due. … In another way, you can think of a convertible note like an IOU.

The Incentivized Loan Program (ILP)

The Markethive ILP represents 1 share of 20% of Markethive’s net revenue. Net revenue is defined as:

Net revenue is calculated by subtracting cost of sales, including cost of goods sold, estimated returns or any allowances from gross revenue. … Gross is the total revenue you have earned for that period. Net revenue is what’s left when all the costs have been taken out.

We are targeting to distribute less than 1000 ILPs. But for the purpose of this illustrated article, we will assume we have delivered 1000 ILPs. ILPs can be broken into fractions thereof down to 1/1000 of an ILP. We will be building a dedicated internal ILP Markethive exchange where Markethive members can buy and sell their ILPs or fractions of their ILPs.

To really understand how and what these ILPs represent, I explain that there is Gold and then there are oil wells (nodding donkeys).

Gold is held as a store of wealth and over time it rises in value.

(Altcoins like Bitcoin or MHV coin is a better option today).


Oil Wells produce about 10 gallons crude oil an hour. 
At today’s prices a barrel of oil is selling on the market at $55 per barrel. That makes an oil well potential around $9,500 per month. I would opt for Oil Wells way over Gold bars. 

ILPs are likening to the oil well. And here is a solid projected illustration of the Markethive ILPs based on existing growth metrics, similar company’s data and our projections of growth. 

Martkethive has been in operational beta since June 2015. Since that time we have tracked 5 unique trends:
Alexa, Milestones, Membership, Revenue, New Signups and Transaction.

We have hit every milestone and our traction is increasing exponentially.

LinkedIn can be considered one of the closest, and targeted social networked competitors to Markethive. Considering LinkedIn has over 575 million active subscribers throughout the world: The top 3 being (1) The United States (2) India and (3) China representing over 70% of the market.

image and data from research site Kinsta (August 2019) https://kinsta.com/blog/linkedin-statistics/

LinkedIn achieves a 39% upgrade to their loyalty plans. These plans offer nothing more than greater and deeper access into the data of other members, visitors, searches and 3+ levels deep messaging.

image and data from research site Kinsta (August 2019) https://kinsta.com/blog/linkedin-statistics/

Based on these facts, and our data of growth as well as continued development and achieving our milestones over  the past 4 years, the following speculation is backed up by real numbers and solid trends.

We are super confident we will exceed 5 million members in 2 years. In fact we are confident; we can attain 50 million members. Based on these numbers, we can expect the following growth:

10% of our 5 million members upgrading to one of our loyalty programs, (Entrepreneur One*, Two, etc.) at $100 per month would equate a monthly income of $50 million per month. 20% of that (after net revenue) would approximate to $10 million per month. Now divided by 1000 ILP shares, would represent a monthly projected revenue of $10,000 per month (as the company grows the revenue will reflect that growth) for a projected duration of 20 years before the loan becomes due (balloon payment). ILPs are now listed at $100,000 per ILP. When we first offered ILPs they were listed at $10,000, but as ILPs have been acquired and Markethive gets closer to exponential growth, the value of ILPs will continue to increase.

What if we reach 50 million and beyond subscribers? 

A similar scenario as LinkedIn with 575 million and a 39% loyalty program upgrade would produce the following results with a Markethive ILP.

575 million members with a 39% upgrade would yield 225 million upgraded members paying $100 per month would result in $2.2 billion in revenue, per month. 20% of that would yield $440 million. Divide that by the max 1000 ILPs for a sum of $444,000 per month. 

Now you understand why we call the ILP an oil well. 

How do you get your share of ILPs? I mean if you want to acquire and own your share of them.

You can wait for the ILP exchange to be completed and the Markethive wallet in place and then buy ILPs or shares from other members in the exchange.


You can purchase ILP shares or partial shares from us (Markethive) directly. We sell full shares and fractions there of as small as 1/100th for $1000.


You can upgrade to Entrepreneur One and receive a 1/10th share every year for up to 10 years, that works out to $1,200 a year and receive a 1/10th share. Considering the above article, that is a deal that is not going to last forever. And once you have an Entrepreneur One account and stay current, you keep that account as long as you want.

There are scores of other huge advantages to an Entrepreneur One account and I suggest you make yourself aware of them. We are in Beta and start up and the advantages you get today will not last long.

Go see what else Entrepreneur One gives you.


Then there is one more way to acquire an ILP or share of one, “Our contests”. These contests are announced and fulfilled in our live webinars on Sunday. 

This means to know about these contests and to win, you must be present. In fact tomorrow a huge contest will be announced. And it is an easter egg hunt. 

Thomas Prendergast

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