MarketHive, Oligarchy, Entrepreneurs, and Economic Reformation.

Economic Change Is Needed

The entrepreneur has always been the catalyst of innovation and change in the market place. And, for most nations that had translated into economic growth and stability. But, as we know and are now experiencing, economic instability seems to have become the norm for quite a number of years.

At issue are problems relating to energy resource (primarily oil) and the international currencies that are controlled by the worldwide central banking system. A banking system that supplies unlimited amounts of capital to selected corporate entities. This grouping of central banks and corporation are nothing more or less than a ‘Oligarchy’. That has it’s own agenda and interest in mind and not the interest of the people and nation in which it resides.

Basing a nation’s economy on currencies that are backed by actual production of that nations labor/work force,or currencies that are backed by precious metals or any other resources that are native to that county  ( whether in the ground or stockpiled), I believe would  help change the world for the better. Cryptocurrencies can also encourage further growth of the age of entrepreneur but, since the value of crytocurrencies are primarily determined by demand, it’s true effect as a catalyst for economic (change) reformation is yet to be actualized. Its acceptance must increase substantially.

MarketHive exist for the entrepreneur, the central place, if you will,  that can and should bring together a neural network of like minds, free thinkers that can see the causes of instability and be willing to act as an advocacy to bring about a  economic reformation (change).

A New Business Model

An important issue that should be considered when discussing economic reformation, is the standard business model. Does the structure of the corporation as we know it to day serve both the it’s ‘owners’ , it’s workforce and the customers ‘equally’?

Speaking specifically of the United States were employment in labor intensive manufacturing has been on a continuous decline for years, and service industries are on the rise. It becomes obvious that enterprises, it’s employees and the public must all relate to one another in a way that is beneficial to all parties.

Therefore, if you are changing from a predominantly labor based economy to a service economy it would seem that considering how a service company is structured to interact with the public ( it’s customers/clients ) is crucial.

In comes network marketing, a system where a company offers it’s products and services to the world through the efforts of independent representatives, who profit and grow through their own efforts and with the added encouragement and material support of the company that is being represented.

I believe the network marketing business model is ideal for the evolving service economy we are now living in. MarketHive is right here at the forefront of change. A central point and platform for the entrepreneurs to build the neural networks that will expand the network marketing model as a means of bring products and services to customers and clients.

With MarketHive, we are talking about building communities. When communities are structured and maintained well, they grow and thrive. There is an energy that builds and inspire beneficial change for all. In this way MarketHive can play a significant roll in encouraging economic reformation (maybe a change that is much better than what we believe we had ).

Venable Dance
Markethive Founding Member