It’s Time To Focus On Rebuilding Our Cities

The Information that follows is only offered as a starting point that will no doubt be among many options for rebuilding our cities. vd

THE NATURAL LAW PARTY supports a comprehensive, cost-effective plan to revitalize our inner cities. Our plan includes proven programs for education; job, technical, and management training; crime prevention; drug rehabilitation; urban revitalization; social welfare; economic development; and the development of a stronger sense of community. To guarantee the plan’s success, we would supplement all these programs with scientifically validated technologies to reduce social stress and unfold the full creative potential of people of all ages. Continue reading “It’s Time To Focus On Rebuilding Our Cities”

Now It’s Time To Build Your Community – In The Age Of The Entrepreneur

Now Is The Time To Build Your Community: 
1. Run for local office or promote someone who represent your interest. Police Chief, City Council …etc.
2. Focus on the economic and business needs of your community. How do you get quality job to locate there.
3. Create a positive dialogue that focus on building a community that you want your family and neighbors to live in.

How To Get Elected Even If No One Knows You.

By: Joe Garecht Continue reading “Now It’s Time To Build Your Community – In The Age Of The Entrepreneur”