We Are Entering A New Era – A New Internet

We Are Entering A New Era – A New Internet

Success And Prosperity Is “Available” For Those Who Are Focused..!

You may have or, may not have benefited from the exciting wave of the Cryptocurrency explosion. You know, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

After You Have Join Markethive
So, you clicked the button, entered your data and presto, success and wealth is now pouring down upon you non-stop..! That would be nice but, exactly how would that work? If just pushing or clicking a button would make us all successful, we would all long ago been setting back and sipping our favorite drinks while watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise daily. We do understand that this possibility is just folly in the world we live in today and that we need to do more than just click a button. But, back to reality, succeeding and prospering in an era of new ideas and technology requires determination and constant efforts. Taking the time to complete the required du-diligence is most critical to get as much details and facts about an opportunity as possible.

Follow up is critical
Now that you have taken the steps to become a member of Markethive, there are three important suggestions I will make:

1.) Click and watch the videos that is seen centered on your screen or click the little waving bee in the bottom right corner or on “Home page”click the Tutorials on the menu to the left.

2.) Join the support group by clicking the Support tab in the upper right corner ( it’s on Telegram ). There you can follow issues that are being resolved and answered as Markethive moves forward.  And,

3.) Attend the weekly Webinars ( held on Sundays, sometime Saturdays ). Click on the Calendar tab at the top of page to get accustom with how it works.

Attend the Markethive Weekly Webinars
The weekly webinars are for those members that are focused and see this new era of Blockchain and Encryption technology, as possibly a “Once in a Lifetime Event and Opportunity”.  You get the latest from the Founders on  the “State of Markethive’s” technology implementations, Market statistics ( comparative studies & growth ), Markethive profit sharing opportunities,  events that Markethive will be attending, notes on legal issues, how you can use Markethive to boost your existing business or passions and so much more. Join us..!! There you will get the details you need to succeed and prosper in this new era of Blockchain and Encryption technology.  And, this New Era….. is just getting started. Why not get a front-row seat and details of how it works. Attend the Webinars.  ( “Knowledge Is Wealth”: George Gilder )

How To Join The Sunday & Saturday Webinars ( see images below )

Markethive Menu Bar

(Click Calendar).

*Markethive Calendar Event Dates

(Click The Correct Day).

*Markethive Events Schedule 

(Click Join Us In The Room)

(And, don’t forget the time above is in the United States, Mountain time zone. Adjust for your area of the world)

If you are not currently a member of Markethive, click the image below. A cell phone number is required to activate your account.

By Venable Dance, Entrepreneur

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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How To Invest In The Blockchain Industry

How To Invest In The Blockchain  Industry 

( Disclaimer: This is not investment advice but, a presentation on the changes in internet technology and the options available. Do your own research ).

Smart Investors Do Their Due Diligence

Some of us have already learnt how investing in new leading edge industries, can provide incredible returns. We are not talking about everyday opportunities. What we are talking about here, is the once in a decade opportunity.

The Once In A life Time Investment Is A Life Changer.

We can agree that technology has always been the engine that has  advance civilization and has allowed mankind to live and thrive on so many levels. From gold and other precious metals, to notes of deposit, to fiat currencies, to credit cards and now, to encrypted digital currencies. The age of information, Data management and value exchanges are primed to make another huge step into the future. This new world of decentralization, blockchain and encryption is here, right now and growing sure and steady. I will not bore you with the what if’s, but rest assured that what is being called Web 3.0 is going to be a game changer for all, but, life changing for many. 

 ( Video: The Future Of Crypto Currency, Published on Dec 18, 2014)

Web 3.0 And How The Blockchain Can Change Your Life

Those of us that are aware and do participate in investment opportunities on a regular basis, will want to have a look at what maybe the “next great investment”. And, you may also ask who and what companies are on the leading edge of providing a system or better yet, an ecosystem that will allow individuals and companies to thrive and prosper. There are issues.

A major issue today, in the age of Big Data, Marketing and Social Media is the concern that many Silicon Valley organizations are gaining greater and greater control of individual and company privacy and security, this is no longer just an irritation in our daily lives but, a total invasion into what was once elements that we and companies controlled through individual initiative, public announcements or company disclosures. This is not the case today. More and more of your information whether it’s private and personal or business and proprietary is being controlled by others across every spectrum of our lives. If you post it, email it, comment about it, make a purchase, store it on a cloud or server not local, your data is subject to, censorship, manipulation and banning or sale to other organization without your permission. Literally, you do not control your data today, and less and less in to the future. But, the Blockchain can change your life for the better. 

( Video by: Digital Trends Published on Apr 16, 2018 )

Getting Your Privacy, Security And Assets Back Under Your Control

 What Web 3.0, ( Blockchain and encryption technology) is offering, is to give control of privacy and security back to the individual and the entrepreneur. And, that’s not all, this leading edge technology is an alternative method of personal communications and monetary exchange for products, services or assets. Blockchain technology insures the immutability of your data.
The first usable crypto coin we knew, was Bitcoin. And, that leads to the question; how many of these alternate coins or tokens actually represent real value, assets, that are operational and can be used by an unlimited  number of individuals or companies as an indispensable part ( applications, tools and services ) in their daily lives ?

Bitcoin Obviously Has Value But, Is Subject To Speculation

What a surprise, Bitcoin was to many individuals, a White paper and a Digital coin that had overcome the double-spend problem of internet money. Yes, it was originally offered to the market place at less than 0.01USD. And, those who invested because they understood the technology and those that speculated on it’s potential made out very handsomely.

The key to Bitcoins success was made possible by the Blockchain and encryption technology. So, what else was the blockchain and encryption technology good for? We know now that Vitalik Buterin and a number of other individual co-operated to create Ethereum but, this was not just a coin, it was also a platform for designing a whole host of decentralized digital applications from smart contracts, secure ( encrypted data files, wallets, property and asset records that resist tampering/alteration and this is just a scratch on the surface of possibilities ) applications. Bitcoin was the first operational cryptocurrency.

Today There Are Somewhere in the Neighborhood Of 1600 Cryptocurrencies.

Many of these currencies have raise millions of dollars even more, base on their white papers that detailed plans to build or complete an operating business system that would bring great financial returns to their investors. Of course that promise was kept by some but, many more of these startups that have received a lot of cash, have yet to deliver. 

A number of companies that received investment ( cash ) have not fulfilled the promise of their white paper ( business plan ). This has created a problem for those current businesses that are looking for capital and are sincere and capable of fulfilling the goals outlined in their business plan. And there are others, such as entrepreneurs and companies in the new and leading edge Business and Social Ecosystem ( built on Blockchain and Encryption technology ) like this company I will introduce you to shortly is operational now. With associate members in the 20,000 range and growing at approximately 30 to 40% each month. 

Restoring Investor Confidence.

Because IPOs ( initial public offerings ), ICOs ( initial coin offerings ) and IEOs ( Initial exchange offerings ) have lost their charm as fund raising tools, investors hesitate to use these tools ( that do not offer a return of their initial investment ), even when the opportunity could be highly profitable. Because of this, many of the new  Blockchain/Encryption companies now have their business fundamentals ( financials ) in place and, they are operational with great traction that is increasing daily. Thus, insuring their viability and success. The ILP is restoring Investor confidence. 

What Is An ILP?

An ILP is a Incentivized Loan Program. It is a debt instrument ( a note ), that is subject to repayment. It’s a Loan.

You Can Benefit From The Growth Of The Blockchain

When a gift and blessing is given to you, it is imperative that you act upon it. With over 20 years of Professional Advertising, Social and Market Networking, Computer Programming and as much dedicated determination, CEO Thomas Prendergast has created an Ecosystem that uses the latest in Blockchain and encryption technology. This gives you back your privacy, security and control of your assets, creating a new dynamic of Trust on the internet. With this Ecosystem, you can decide who should, or who should not have access to your data. Or, if you decide, you can delete your data completely, all of it, forever. But, most important, you have the tools and applications to achieve success, whatever your goals maybe.

For Those Who Understand That There are Great Opportunities That Only Come Once In A Decade Or Even A Lifetime.

This once in a decade opportunity provides the tools and applications that allows any Marketing or Social Networker to excel to their individual goals whether personal or commerce motivated. Even just as important is that, we now have an excellent opportunity to share in the Profits that will be generated by companies that are in the lead, giving individuals and entrepreneurs back their Privacy & Security on a social and market driven platform.

Here’s How You Can Claim Your Position and Share In The Success Of The Highly lucrative Blockchain Industry. 

The following system is free to join and right from the start you can start building an online income with no obligations. But, this is a presentation directed to investors who would like to sharing in the 20% of company earnings. The range of the ILP loan varies from 100USD to 25000USD or more if that’s your cup of tea.

Below is  audio of the CEO Thomas Prendergast and CTO Douglas Yates of discussing the status of "Markethive" and investment options:

The Entrepreneur Program is a limited time offer for 1000 members or less before the companies’ worldwide launch. Get a free account ( and activate it with your cell phone number ), and see how you can profit in the growth and prosperity of Web 3.0 and the Blockchain industry. Click the image below. You also get 500 airdrop coins now free: "Right timing, right technology, the best leaders. Don't miss this.

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Article by Venable Dance, Entrepreneur

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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Markethive Is Growing At An Impressive Rate And Still In Beta.

Markethive is In Beta And Operational

If you are excited by the lucrative opportunities that have emerged through continuous evolving technology on the internet and in the digital world of Finance, Trade, Contracts, Retail Sales, P2P, Work-At-Home-Investors, Exchanges and so much more. If you are anticipating benefiting by being an early adopter and or investor in the Blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) then, Markethive is the company and platform with the tools and applications created just for your success.

Markethive has been in development for over 20 years and, we are in Beta, and functional. Major advertising/marketing has not started yet but, we are growing at a rate of 30% to 40% per month. Out of nearly 400 blockchain media sites we are now rank No. 7 with approximately 2,000,000 unique visitors per day. With an Alexa Ranking heading below 18,000 and a crypto consumer coin ( MHV ) valued at $0.21 as of this announcement, it is no doubt the perfect time for accumulation. Start now.

With all the political correctness and policing of articles, blogs and post content, you need not worry, Markethive does not ban or shadow ban you. Additionally your privacy is yours to control and, this policy is foundational.

The Markethive Ecosystem allows you to develop a universal income, benefit from bounty programs, earn cryptocurrency via faucets, earn cryptocurrency via gaming opportunities but, most important Markethive allows you to build your Social or Business niche successfully with advance technology that only the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) make possible.

And, for those who seek to take advantage of early positioning, there are several means that allow you to share in Markethive profits. One is the Entrepreneur Program, with a monthly investment of $100 per month for one year, you then receive a 1/10th of an ILP ( Incentivized Loan Program ), monthly banner advertising and many more profitable incentives.

A single ILP was initially valued a $10,000 and is currently valued at $15,000. There will be continued increase in the value of the ILP in time. Remember, Markethive is FREE to join with over $2000 in tools and apps for free as well.

Use Markethive to promote your business niche, or expand your Social network without the fear of being banned. Markethive is on it’s way to the moon.  Join us and get 500 MHV coins free.

Best Regards, Ven Dance

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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MLM verses the Customer Centric Business Model

MLMs must change.

It is my opinion the MLM business approach has long since seen it’s hay days. Of course one might say that there are many example of successful MLM and I would whole heartedly agree. There is Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife, Primamerica, Youngevity and of course many more and maybe a few more to come ( which one ?). And by the way, I have been a distributor in all aforementioned, except Mary Kay, plus many more. Eventually the internet will provide the ultimate method for consumers to buy and sell what they need or want through a very efficient hybrid of 'Amazon' or 'Ebay' now Alibaba and more. You know what you want, you search for it, you buy it. If you have something to sell you list it, and it's sold (sometimes not so fast but, you get the point ). I believe that there will be room for several businesses of this type building on lessons learned from those mentioned above and others. 

People in general feel safe and comfortable in a community and environment that they know, and are familiar with the comings and goings of their friends and neighbors. They will trust and take advice from their friends and recognized leaders. Before answering an unsolicited phone call or email (spam) we will hesitate, ignore or delete them. We all have experienced it: you get an unknown phone call, the person or recording starts and, before they can say three or four more words, you have hung up. And, emails you don't know, well, straight into the spam or trash folder. You just don't have the time to answer or respond to every communication that you receive. Besides, you never know which one is a virus (email) or a scam.

Ok, back to MLM / vs a new marketing model. The majority of Americans don't trust MLM's, but they do buy MLM products and services. This has been true for decades now. They will buy from friends and family, they will even sign up as a customer (and buy). The ones that do join MLMs will join for the benefits of the product or service. But, in many cases it is the overwhelming lure of the money highlighted in nearly every advertising, meeting and commission plan. Always you are told to follow a particular process and eventually you will be able to afford a new home, a new car, work at home in your PJs and yes travel the world where and when ever you want. Those have been the standard line for the majority of MLMs.

MLM members are greatly encouraged to sign up, bring in family and friends. This is were the growth occurs. And those new members are encourage to do the same. And eventually the excitement starts to fade as you run out new signups because people you don't know, don't trust you and, don't trust MLMs. And, now you find yourself calling (unsolicited) and emailing (spamming). And then, you ask yourself how much money have I spent over the last 3 or more months on monthly maintenance orders that are filling up needed space around my home? You began to realize that it's not all you thought it would be..! Surprise..!

There are those individuals who are successful in MLMs and these tend to be those individuals who are able to devote the majority of their time to promoting and growing their business using "any" marketing strategy that works for them. But, like me, most individuals spend the majority of their time working ( in a full-time JOB ) to make a living. And, are unable to stay totally focused on the necessary techniques that 'could' lead to success ( it takes time and much effort ).


I had decided back in 2011 to no longer participate in MLM programs. I told this to someone who was insisting that I join a new 'Travel' MLM. What I relayed was basically this:

" I have probably join most of the major MLMs. All while trying to earn a living Working full-time jobs. In 1968 I joined Amway. Went to 3 meetings in Georgetown, Washington DC. and got drafted into the Army the next month. I guess you can say; 'that was one, of the originals and, the good one that got away (I joined it again in 1994 or about, just to buy the products). Because it is still here and doing very well and I liked the products. 

My point is this, current MLMs all seem to operate the same way. Lots of excitement, lots of time and money spent in one-direction ( to the company ). Members start seeing less and less good new recruits, the company began hammering harder and harder on the need to get out there and make that extra effort. In-fighting slowly but, assuredly boiled openly among the top leaders. The company (WorldVentures) affairs and things started to disintegrate. In these situations the company either goes out of business, is brought-out, or changes it's name and start over with the same promises. All the while, those at the top are making good money. The leaders keep recycling the company as long as they can, with a so called 'new vision' but with the same foundation and leaders profiting at the top.

I joined Herbalife 3 times ( mainly in the late 1980's ), When I joined the first 2 times, my primary "job" was operations manager, maintaining a communications center in Los Angeles, I mainly used the products ( no time to promote them ). The third time I joined ( Herbalife ) as the office manager for George Patton. I handled all of his paper-work, contacted his down line, shipped products, delivered products locally (Sherman Oaks, California and surrounding areas). George, is the father of Lori, who was married to John Tartol (I believe the founder of Business Solutions). John Tartol was the right hand-man to Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife. George had over 250,000+ members under him and made at the time over $50,000+ per/month (watching TV). So, from that prospective, I really learned how the system works. Herbalife like Amway have survived the slings and arrows of the market-place ( because of the products, word-of-mouth-marketing and their brand ). As mentioned many people just buy the product from a distributor without question because, it is 'the product' they want.

I joined WorldVentures in 2008. Became a member under an individual I met through my son (my son, was not a member). This person became the team leader of me and 4 other individuals. I worked quite hard on this one. Brought in some family, friends as well those through coop efforts. Went to 3 meeting a night every week at restaurants, homes, conventions…etc. The team-leader (my sponsor) and I set-up a tent and computer at the swap meet near Melrose and Fairfax in Los Angeles, California every Sunday.

( Swapmeet Booth at Melrose and Fairfax, Los Angeles, Ca  – 2008 WorldVentures recruiting )

As a team effort new members were to be shared. Members were being recruited through our combined efforts but, I and other team member realized we were not getting any new recruits place under us. We became concerned, to say the least. To make a long story short, our team-leader was putting all new members under himself (separate down line) and his mother.

Many of my upline were from the Hollywood actor crowd, got to know many of them at the time. Again, to make this short. A lot of them were making really good money but, left the company because of the in-fighting became so intense. WorldVentures did not work for those that I knew below top leadership/management and I don't personally believe it will change, no matter what name it calls itself or reconstitute itself (my opinion). "


A New Approach To Marketing And Social Networking Is Here

I's called MarketHive, a 'Customer Centric' (Inbound Marketing System) business model that puts the needs of the customer first. The very antithesis of Multilevel Marketing. MarketHive is the vision of Thomas Prendergast (founder), based on over 20 years of experiences initiating and building the first successful Inbound Marketing System previously known as Veretekk. Today, we know this customer centric business model as Markethive. I was a member of Veretekk (actually I had join before it became Veretekk). When Tom contacted me and others about his vision to build an ecosystem for the little guy and entrepreneur and, after hearing the details, I saw the vision and based on my experience, I joined immediately as a Founding Member at the time. MarketHive is the marketing and social networking model for the future ( the world of Blockchain and Digital currency). Seeing the market-place from the member and customer's point of view and responding to their need is "the future". "The Customer Centric Model" is the best support for the Entrepreneur or  Networker, who set out with purpose, focus and deternmenation to find solutions and answers  for their community of members, customers and, clients.


Markethive is the next stage in marketing and social media networking. The age of the Blockchain is here and Markethive is here to provide you the  communications and control of your personal, social and financial data.. Join Now It's Free 

All the best to you, in a changing world.

by Venable Dance
MarketHive, Entrepreneur

Venable Dance – Entrepreneur

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Nothing Last Forever!

Take A Look At Markethive

It would seem that the world and Markethive continues to move forward. The blockchain and cryptocurrency are, the coming tidal wave. How will you survive, are you onboard? Take a look at Markethive.

The profits and losses that resulted from cryptocurrency speculation in 2017 and 2018 was all made possible by the blockchain. Thank you very much. Much of the uncertainty, not all but, a good amount is settling and poised to mature into a stable and dependable platform for just about “anything”. This ladies and gentlemen is very exciting. Blockchain 3.0 will change lives. So, get ready now because 4.0 is just around the corner.

Markethive, is in the right place. It’s headquarters are located in Wyoming, USA. The State of Wyoming has stepped forward and, is greatly encouraging the growth of the blockchain.

(Lawmakers Signed Four New Blockchain Bills In Wyoming, Steaming Ahead As The Most Blockchain-Friendly State In The USA )

Don’t Miss interrupt Signals From The Big Boys

Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who has , in the not so distant past, spoke disparagingly of cryptocurrency. Then, in February 2019, Mr. Dimon announced the JPMC. Yes, you got it, the JPMorgan coin on the blockchain, where else. This is big.
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An Investment Opportunity For Today And Future

man standing on plan looking up at the amber night sky with an abundance of stars

Being At The Right Place At The Right Time Is To Take Advantage Of The Opportunities Presented And, Benefit From Your Action.

Markethive – Privacy & Security Is Primary

First of all, respect for your data privacy and security is a foundational aspect of Markethive. It is absolutely true that with Markethive you have control of your member account, profile and all of your platform information.

There is no shadow banning or direct banning of your marketing or social postings but, your postings and comments will be rated by tips ( with MHV coins ) from your peers or they may simply use the power of the “block” button. Ultimately, there is a delete button and you control it. But, be careful, once you delete your account, all information/data is gone “forever. Like I said, you control your data. It really is about you.

Your Data with Markethive: 

You own your personal information and content. It is explicitly not ours.You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online. We think it is unethical.You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family, and groups.We do not manipulate, filter or change the order of your content or what you see.Permissions and privacy are your rights. You control them.You control who can access your content.You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.We’re a private network. That means we do not track or profile you.Your privacy means that we do not share your personal information with anyone.Your ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ are for you and your friends. We do not monitor nor mine your data.Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time. We do not store or archive our logs. Markethive – Your privacy is a Markethive priority.

Marketing, Socializing And Smart Money – Investing At Home

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Is The Purchase Of Crypto-Currency Becoming Mainstream..?

Recently, it was announced that Binance ( list as the worlds No# 1 exchange by adjusted volume ) is now allowing the purchase of crypto-currencies with Mastercard and Visa Credit and Debit cards.

A Visa credit card and a gold Bitcoin

According to an article by Yogita Khatri in Coindesk ( Jan 31, 2019 ) Binance is partnering with the Israel based payment processing firm Simplex to enable cryptocurrency purchases with Visa and Mastercards. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao added that “Building fiat gateways is what we need now to grow the ecosystem, increase adoption and introduce crypto to more users.”

Black credit card type image with hand holding credit card. Word Binance in upper right corner and - the words Credit card payments now on Binance centere

A short video from “Blockchain Daily”  Click the following link: https://youtu.be/lSUS6obdJcc

Now, this is actually a very large step for the cryptocurrency world, since it was just about a year ago that Visa was not so cooperative and left several companies high and dry. As a provider of financial services and a $270 billion credit card network ( see article by, ahmadtahir on Steemit.com (1 ). About a year ago Visa terminated its working partnership with Gibraltar’s Wave Crest Digital Payment Processing Company, completely disrupting debit and debit service providers TenX, Xapo, Coins.ph, Bitwala, BitPay and CryptoPay. According to Visa it terminated it’s partnership with Wave Crest because ( Wave Crest ) was not compatible with it’s ( Visa’s ) operating rules.

So, here we are with Visa and Mastercard partnering with Binance to offer the purchase of cryptocurrency using  credit cards. The extremely useful “card”, a ubiqutious medium for economic and financial transactions. It would seem that the world continues to move forward and digital currencies are becoming an intergal part of the existing and expanding worldwide payment ecosystem.

Mastercard and Visa must see Binance, as being compatible with their operating rules, makes sense.. right? It only takes one cryptocurrency exchange at a time until Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with Technology, Community and the fuel that powers the legitimate ones, Liquidity.

Binance has liquidity and is growing. Visa and Mastercard got out of the murky waters and hitched their wagon to a leader, making serious plans for their digital future. It looks like this is a win win relationship.

Venable Dance
Work At Home Investors.

1. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency-steemit/@ahmadtahir/visa-takes-a-tough-approach-against-bitcoin-and-invalidates-the-payment-of-digital-currency-cards

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Markethive. If they like you: you get paid

The Ultimate Market Network - Markethive

By  Thomas Prendergast, CEO Markethive.

I am the originator of Inbound Marketing. It began over 20 years ago with a system you may recall called Veretekk. We called it automated marketing, but today it has been redefined as Inbound Marketing. Regardless, Veretekk originated the process over 20 years ago. Archive.org verifies it here. https://web.archive.org/web/20021122213102/http://www.veretekk.com:80/

The development of our Inbound Marketing social network has been in development for many decades. It wasn’t until recently with the advent of blockchain did we see the true promise of Markethive transpire.

With the advancement of blockchain we saw several major benefits it offered. Security, privacy and our own economy with our own crypto currency called the MHV (Markethive Coin). The blockchain has been built and the coin has been delivered.

Having our own coin, which will be traded shortly on many exchanges, gives us many opportunities. One to offer a similar incentive for new membership, like PayPal used to launch, by giving away coin called an Airdrop or Bounty.

It has also given us the opportunity to eliminate social “LIKES” and replace them with “Tips” which is exactly what we have just done today and the reason for this email.

We have also delivered to you in this upgrade a “money clip” (in advancement of our wallet) to store your earnings,

Markethive coin earnings are not just limited to TIPS and new membership AIRDROPS. Markethive is now a coin faucet of sorts. In other words, you get paid to use the system now when you are qualified. As of today, all Markethive members are qualified. From today onward, to activate the “faucet” system, to get paid for using the system, will require you to refer 3 referrals to your profile account. (There is no upgrade or cost to this) It is simply sending at least 3 people to signup through you to activate getting paid coins to use Markethive.

TIPS are always active regardless of referrals, and getting paid to learn via our Tutorial System (yet to come) is always active. First referral signups get 500 coins (Airdrop) and if you decide to upgrade to the Entrepreneurial level, then you will amass matching coins for every referral through you.

If you have any questions, log in, contact us via the support group or check the calendar for our live webinars.

If you have yet to login and verify your cell number, you will need to do so, to activate all aspects of the system.

Markethive is now a blockchain system, an Inbound Marketing platform, and officially the next generation Market Network. Welcome to the future of marketing.

Thomas Prendergast
CEO  Markethive

Douglas Yates
CTO  Markethive

Annette Schwindt
SA Markethive

BTW: A similar inbound marketing platform called “Marketo” just sold to Adobe for 4.75 billion dollars. We are giving you a system nearly identical to them from Markethive not only for free, but are actually paying you to use it.



Venable Dance – MarketHive  Member – http://hive.pe/zl

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The Next Generation of ICO Is Here? Blockhive Introduce The ILP

We’re entering into a new world of finance and transfer of value, one that could have large implications for many current intermediaries and many individuals all across the globe.

In this era we have a trustless system where exchanges are to happen peer to peer in a seamless manner, this is facilitated by the blockchain and interesting features such as smart contracts. These features have contributed to interesting mechanisms that institutions are using to raise capital to fund operations while using that same capital to form an economy where that specific form of capital, that issued token, is what’s used as the currency of trade.
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How Does the SEC Regulate ICOs? Lawyers Explain

SEC Building Glass front

As Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) continue to serve as go-to fundraisers for companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces, the regulations governing them become increasingly imperative.

“The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an investigative report today cautioning market participants that offers and sales of digital assets by ‘virtual’ organizations are subject to the requirements of the federal securities laws,” reported a recent SEC press release Continue reading

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